We offer 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with our services we will refund your payment.

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We know how important is for you to have always your website available. Hostmaster will guarantee 99.9% uptime.


With every Virtual Private Server we provide FREE managed service to help you with initial server configuration, hardening and help when you need it. HOSTMASTER LLP will always be here to help you.

What is included in free managed service:

Free Reboots

Reboots are free, upon request, we will perform free reboots of your VPS. All of our VPS also have the ability to instantly remote reboot their VPS through the Virtuozzo Power Panel (VZPP).

Initial VPS Installation and Configuration

Every VPS includes free Operating System configuration and free Control Panel installation. We will make the initial server configuration for you. VPS accounts with webmin or no control panel are self managed.

Operating System and Control Panel Updates upon request

We will keep the Operating System and Control Panel of your VPS up to date with the latest packages, upon request. This service is free of charge.

Software Managment

As a part of our managed services, all modules such as FFMpeg, FFMpeg-PHP, Mencoder, MPlayer, Flvtool2, Zend, Ioncube loaders, LiteSpeed (license required), etc., can be installed free of charge by HOSTMASTER LLP.

Free Security Hardening

Upon request, we we make our hardening service which includes installation and configuration of a firewall, hardening Apache, secure tmp folder, change SSH port and many other important security meassures that will help you to have your VPS secure. To request this service, please open a ticket to our support department.

Free Website Migrations

We assist you by moving all your websites and information for you FREE of charge. We will handle the whole process for you. We will move all your databases, php scripts, website files.

VPS Monitoring

This is an amazing service provided by HOSTMASTER LLP we will monitor your VPS free of charge, so if your vps goes down, we will know it went down and we will be proactive and bring your VPS up again. We will also monitor your resources usage such as memory, disk space and cpu

General troubleshooting

If you have any problem, please don't hesitate to open a ticket and will troubleshoot any issues related to your Operating System and Control Panel.

What is not included with our free managed service:.

3rd party script installations

Our Managed Service does not include 3rd party script installation. You can purchase script installation service from HOSTMASTER LLP for $25/per script. We define 3rd party scripts as anything installed that is not a part of the Operating System or Control Panel. For example: vBulletin, Kayako, WHMCS, etc. would be 3rd party scripts.

3rd party script troubleshooting

Our Managed Service does not include 3rd party script troubleshooting. Since there are so many scripts and 3rd party programs on the market, we are unable to provide troubleshooting support of 3rd party scripts. For this kind of support we suggest you to contact the developers of the software to ensure quick and appropriate resolution.

Individual website monitoring

We are constantly monitors the hardware node and network. We guarantee 99% uptime of the node, if we don't reach the 99% uptime we will fully or partial refund your monthly payment We do not monitor your VPS, including any websites that you host.

Direct technical support for your customers

Your VPS does not include direct technical support for your customers. Only authorized persons on your account may contact HOSTMASTER LLP technical support..